4 Steps to Automate in Your Onboarding Process with HoneyBook

Let me tell you about the absolute magic of HoneyBook automations! They can streamline your entire client journey and make your life so much easier. Imagine being able to automate your onboarding process, all while ensuring that your clients feels valued and taken care of from very the beginning.

With HoneyBook automations, you can add a touch of pixie dust to your business operations. It’s like having a virtual assistant working behind the scenes, leaving you more time to focus on what you do best – creating stunning work for your clients. Now me, I will be riding the teacups at Disneyland without worrying about my business falling in the hands of Ursula.

Octavia Elease at Disneyland

With that being said, here are 4 steps you can completely automate in your onboarding process with HoneyBook.

#1: Once a potential client completes your inquiry form, send them an automated email letting them know you received their submission and include the link to schedule a consultation call with you.

#2: After your call, send them a proposal smart file. They can review the offer details, electronically sign the contract, and pay you your coins all in one step…cha-ching baby! I actually do this toward the end of our call because potential clients are more likely to book while they are still pumped from an amazing consultation call.

HoneyBook Smart File Proposal

#3: If they haven’t completed their smart file within 3 days, then send them an automated reminder email.

#4: Yay, they’ve completed the smart file and y’all are officially official! Send them an automated booked confirmation email. I recommend including what they can expect to happen next. If you have a welcome guide smart file, attach that as well.

There are so many more steps in your process you can automate in HoneyBook! Don’t have the time or patience to do it yourself? Let’s chat about my HoneyBook services. In just a week, you will have a completely customized setup done by a HoneyBook Pro. Then you can hop on a plane and join me at Disneyland!

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