Streamline My Operations

Running a small business is no small feat. Juggling client communications, project management, and all those admin tasks can quickly turn your dream job into a daily grind. Maybe you're drowning in emails, struggling to keep up with invoices, or just can't seem to find a system that sticks. It's frustrating, I know.

But guess what? It doesn't have to be this way. You deserve a workflow that works for you, not against you.

Smooth Operations Are Just Around the Corner

Say goodbye to business blues!

Excited but Exhausted

You're eyeing that streamlined business operation and can't wait to sip on that sweet, sweet efficiency. But you've tried to DIY your setup, but things aren't clicking.

That's where I swoop in! Think of me as your HoneyBook fairy godfriend. I'm here to sprinkle a little magic dust on your setup, turning that frustrating feeling into excited vibes.

Turning Your Business Goals Into Reality

Here's the deal: I dive deep into your business mess and come out with a plan that's as unique as you are. We'll streamline your workflows, automate those pesky admin tasks, and set up a system that actually makes sense. No more missed deadlines or lost invoices. With a touch of HoneyBook magic and a lot of personal insight, I'll transform your chaotic routine into a streamlined dream. You focus on what you love; I'll handle the rest.

Simplify My Tasks

Ready for a business makeover? 

Jamenda, Photographer
Jam & Co. Studios

Octavia's expertise in navigating HoneyBook's platform has been instrumental in streamlining our client management process, enabling us to organize our projects, bookings, and finances more efficiently than ever before.


· Workflow Mapping
· Settings
· Schedulers
· File and Forms Creation
· Canned Emails
· Package/Service Templates
· Automations to tie it all together
· 30 days email + loom support

HoneyBook Setup

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Recent HoneyBook Designs

Henwood Studios

Eric Campbell Photography

What Sara Said

Amanda Lipsey, Henwood Studios

Octavia's thoroughness in the setup process, coupled with her patient training sessions, empowered our team to leverage HoneyBook's full potential. Her tips and tricks on using the platform have saved us countless hours and significantly improved our client interaction experience.

Your Roadmap to Wow

The Meeting - On a brief video call, we'll get to know each other and you will share you goals + vision for your HoneyBook.

The Makeover - This is the fun part where your HoneyBook gets the glow-up it deserves. With your branding in toe, I'll implement and automate all your clientflow.

The Magic - Cue the confetti and grab your mimosa or milk as your HoneyBook is ready for clients!

A Simple, Streamlined, Stunning Journey

Simplify My Workflow

What do I need to provide for us to get started?

Just a few essentials—like your business details, any workflows you have in mind, and your favorite coffee (kidding on the coffee, but I'm all ears if you want to share!). I'll guide you through gathering any specifics to ensure we hit the ground running.

you may still have questions...

Can you help me if I've already started setting up my HoneyBook?

Absolutely! Think of me as your HoneyBook GPS. If you've taken a wrong turn or ended up on a confusing path, I'll help you navigate back to clarity street. We'll pick up right where you left off and steer things in the right direction.

Is there a 'best time' to set up HoneyBook for my business?

The best time is like deciding to wear your favorite outfit—anytime you feel ready for a change! Whether you're just starting out, in the middle of a growth spurt, or looking to streamline existing processes, it's always a good time to get organized and efficient with HoneyBook.

How long does the whole setup process usually take?

Imagine binge-watching your favorite series—some setups are a short and sweet sitcom, and others are more like an epic drama. Typically, we're looking at a timeline from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on your specific needs and pace. I promise to keep it as snappy as possible!

I've got a unique business model. Can HoneyBook handle that?

HoneyBook is like a chameleon—it's pretty darn flexible. Share your unique business quirks with me, and I'll show you how we can tailor HoneyBook to fit like a glove. From custom workflows to unique client interactions, we'll make sure it's a perfect match for your one-of-a-kind biz.

Will I be able to handle HoneyBook on my own after the setup?

You bet! I'll not only set things up but also empower you with the know-how and confidence to take the reins. It'll be like teaching you to ride a bike (with HoneyBook wheels!). Plus, I'm always a message away if you hit a bump.

Ready to wave goodbye to the chaos and hello to smooth sailing?

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