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I'm Octavia, web designer & systems strategist - dedicated to helping entrepreneurs visually communicate their value. From refreshing the details of your brand, to walking you through maintaining your new website, I'm going to cheer you on as your business dreams become reality.

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Fueled by Joy + Hugs + Pixie Dust

I am a born and raised ATLien (38 years and counting!). My heart is occupied by my 3 boy humans, 1 boy cat - Otis, and 1 girl dog - Jessie. You can catch me INSIDE the house (because outside is expensive) reading a book on my kindle, listening to crime stoppers, and drinking Malbec wine. 

I LOVE all things Disney. The love is so real that I'm a Magic Key Holder for Disneyland. Yes, I fly clear across the country to hangout with Mickey Mouse! Also, I'm obsessed with my future farm. Like my entire explore page is full of farm animals. I have names picked out and!

you're my person

how you talk to yourself will change your life.

I believe that

Color is BAE, long hugs are necessary, dancing it out should be the norm, and everything is figureoutable.

Catch me

Watching Criminal Minds + Grey's Anatomy and rethinking my career choice. I think I could totally be a cardiothoracic surgeon that is a behavioral analyst on the weekends.

Daily life

Devotion, journaling, coffee, work at-home, lunch, afternoon walk, work at-home some more, cook dinner sometimes because I have teenage humans that are more than capable of feeding themselves, and Grey's Anatomy.

With a touch of magic, pixie dust, and a spark of joy, I'll help you showcase your brand and achieve the success you deserve.

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